Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a Character!

Here is Maxwell with some new friends he has made recently. He barely survived the death grip from Darth Vadar.

This last one is a picture of 2 puppas sleeping. :-)
Good night all!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Photos

Sorry it took me a little while to add more photos!

David didn't like the idea of spending money on more dog costumes, so as you can see in these pictures, the tags are still on the puppas' outfits. I took them back to Target. :o( But not before getting a few shots!

Here is Skeletucker:


And monstriffin (that one doesn't work as well):

(insert monster dog-howling-at-moon sound here)


It's tiring for a puppa to be all dressed up with nowhere to go:


Either that or he just gives up. I think I have the same pose last year in his cop uniform!

And the photos you have all been waiting for, the little pumpkin!

Unfortunately, a Grandma Pumpkin showed up to trick-or-treat at our door and completely showed up Maxwell's pumpkin outfit!



Last but not least, hopefully by now you have all had a chance to watch the cutest video we have of Maxwell yet. Here are a couple stills of him playing in front of the mirror with his "twin" for over 45 minutes!



Happy Belated Halloween!

Until I blog again,