Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Business

After taking a year off my consultant duties I am back in business. This October, I am starting up my partylite business again, and I need all the help I can get. Please let me know of anyone else who may be interested in earning a little extra cash every month, or who would like to earn some cool candles and accessories by hosting a show!


Jennifer Ingham
Independent Consultant

Monday, September 29, 2008

Six months old!

It is so hard for me to believe our son is six months old! It really does still feel like yesterday that I was running to the bathroom to be sick eight times a day...but that was now a year ago!

If I close my eyes I can imagine the anticipation I felt the night before David and I went to the hospital to have the baby: how we paced the living room, anxiously waiting for it to be time, walked around his room looking at all the things that we had prepared for him, knowing that all the classes and preparation we had done were going to be nothing compared to what we were about to experience. Maxwell was 9 pounds when he was born, but he still felt tiny in my arms the first time I held him. I don't want my memories of those first few weeks and months to slip away, but they already are. I see him as he is today, smiling and talking to me while playing by my feet in his exersaucer. Squealing at Griffin as he jumps off the couch and comes over to sniff the little baby nose. Sitting in his high chair eating real food that I have prepared for him knowingly, not just the wondrous breast milk that my body creates all on its own. Getting smiles just by looking at him, rather than searching for that "gas" smile that newborns unknowingly give us.

The changes in this little boy have been gradual and sudden at the same time. He is so different than he was a few months ago, a month ago, a week ago. But now, I feel like he is learning and doing new and different things every day. Today he can spin himself in his exersaucer to play with all the different toys, while yesterday he was still planted in one spot. I am amazed at everything he is learning to do, and while watching him learn and grow, I get excited about all the other milestone and changes we have yet to come. I also understand now how people can get that itch to have another baby.

My baby still is that, a baby. But look how fast he is growing into a little man.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Sorry Skunk Fans...

So, Shelly and I were talking and we decided that the best part of a skunk costume is the tail. Agreed? Well, Maxwell doesn't walk yet, and though he will probably be crawling by Halloween, it isn't definite. So we'd hate to not be able to show off the best part of a costume, so I'm afraid we're going to wait with the skunk for another year. It's winning the poll, so we'll have to do it sometime or you'll all be mad!

I'd tell you to vote for another, but I think we have a winner....I guess you'll all just have to be surprised!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He's got banana in his hair.

Maxwell is eating solids. It sure is fun.

No, really...it is! I love seeing the look of his face when he takes the first bite of something. Even when it is a food that he has had before, he gets this "what did you just put in my mouth" look on his face.


Then he realizes he likes it and smiles and opens up for more.


Breakfast is the usually the cleanest meal of the day. I don't know why. He is much messier with his veggies at lunch and dinner. Except for this morning, hence the title of this blog. :o)

I am making all of his food myself. All homemade, organic fruits and veggies for this little guy! For now, anyway. I bought some jars, because the homemade goodies don't travel very well, so those guys get popped into the diaper bag from time to time. But most days, he gets a few cubes of mommies yummies! I spent quite a few hours over the weekend with the help of Grandma Paulette making all this stuff, but it should last us quite a while.


It's amazing how different Maxwell is now than a few weeks ago. He is starting to sit up on his own without too much support, and can even last a few minutes before he starts to topple over. He is now able to sit up in a high chair at a restaurant or in the cart at the grocery store in his special seat...which is good for Mom and Dad because he is getting really heavy to cart around in the carseat!

Here he is at Buca for dinner in Irvine on Sunday:
We had a good visit with Grandma and Grandpa Ingham the last two days. They got to see him twice this month, so that was definitely a treat! And he really is so much fun! He plays with his toys more, and he talks and laughs, make that squeals, a lot.


It's even fun to watch him sleep!


All in all, it's been a fun couple of weeks with my growing "little" (almost 18 lbs and 27+ in.) guy! It just keeps getting better!

By the way, here is our recent attempt to get a photo to match the title of the blog. I think Griffin and Tucker were freaked out, and Maxwell was too sleepy after bathtime to sit up on his own!


Oh, yes. And as this blog has been all about Maxwell, and let's be honest, most of them probably will be and that's probably why you're reading it anyway, Mom and Dad and the rest of the gang are all doing well, too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Blog

It seems like it has been awhile since I have written anything. For a while there, I was writing random happenings in my life and then BAM! Enter, Maxwell. Everything is now about him, isn't it? Not that I am complaining in the least; he is the COOLEST!

In my efforts to phase out my myspace and blog over there, I have created a blogspot. My friend Jen Geib has one, and I want to be just like her!

Feel free to visit and comment. Who knows how often I'll update this; it all depends on how often Maxwell sleeps. Or does something interesting. :o)