Monday, September 29, 2008

Six months old!

It is so hard for me to believe our son is six months old! It really does still feel like yesterday that I was running to the bathroom to be sick eight times a day...but that was now a year ago!

If I close my eyes I can imagine the anticipation I felt the night before David and I went to the hospital to have the baby: how we paced the living room, anxiously waiting for it to be time, walked around his room looking at all the things that we had prepared for him, knowing that all the classes and preparation we had done were going to be nothing compared to what we were about to experience. Maxwell was 9 pounds when he was born, but he still felt tiny in my arms the first time I held him. I don't want my memories of those first few weeks and months to slip away, but they already are. I see him as he is today, smiling and talking to me while playing by my feet in his exersaucer. Squealing at Griffin as he jumps off the couch and comes over to sniff the little baby nose. Sitting in his high chair eating real food that I have prepared for him knowingly, not just the wondrous breast milk that my body creates all on its own. Getting smiles just by looking at him, rather than searching for that "gas" smile that newborns unknowingly give us.

The changes in this little boy have been gradual and sudden at the same time. He is so different than he was a few months ago, a month ago, a week ago. But now, I feel like he is learning and doing new and different things every day. Today he can spin himself in his exersaucer to play with all the different toys, while yesterday he was still planted in one spot. I am amazed at everything he is learning to do, and while watching him learn and grow, I get excited about all the other milestone and changes we have yet to come. I also understand now how people can get that itch to have another baby.

My baby still is that, a baby. But look how fast he is growing into a little man.


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