Thursday, May 28, 2009


We suddenly have a picky eater on our hands! The little boy who ate anything we put in front of him is starting to look at his food and decide by what it looks like whether or not he will eat it. He pushes my hand away (the puppas like this when he catches me off guard and the food goes flying onto the floor), or turns his head and closes his mouth real tight. He will feed himself a lot of different foods, but for some reason won't eat the fruits and veggies that he loves pureed if they are cut up in pieces on his plate. Today we tried kiwi and strawberries and he wanted nothing to do with them. I thought it might be because they are wet, but he ate his mac and cheese and tofu just fine, and they are both wet. So who knows. He is especially pushing away green food right now. I really hope this doesn't last. Mealtimes are getting frustrating for Mommy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Salon Trip

Maxwell had a real haircut today at a salon in Santa Monica called "First Cuts." They were AWESOME! Cool rocket ship chairs, toys, Elmo on a flat screen in front of each seat...plenty of distractions for a toddler who may not be so thrilled to be wetted down and have a stranger come at them with a comb and pair of sharp, shiny scissors! Jasmin did an awesome job and our big boy looks oh so stylin' with his new do!

Before: Long bangs in the eyes

It's raining!

Such a good boy, almost done:

The rocket chair:

Being shy in the car:

Official Announcement

The Ingham Family is expanding! David and Jennifer are expecting baby #2 in november of '09.

The belly has already "popped!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Zoo Daze

The Ingham Family started their zoo journal today...:o)

For our birthdays, Brenda and Dewey gave David and I an annual pass to the LA Zoo. Since it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we decided to start using it right away! When we went to the zoo last summer, Maxwell was only a couple months old and he slept through the whole trip. Today was much more fun for all of us!

First we went to the petting zoo where we saw sheep, a pig, and lots of goats. Maxwell of course called them all "doggie."

Next we stopped by the prairie dogs to say hello and visit an animal that he could (sort of) call by its name. They have this cool little exhibit where you can pop your head up a hole like you are living right there with the prairie "doggies."

We hiked up the hill (while I commented on missing the nice flat zoo in Brookfield, IL) to visit the hippo, rhino, monkeys, chimps, orangutangs, tigers, giraffs and zebras. We saw lots of sleeping animals today.

pink "doggies?" NO....flamingoes!

Watching the monkeys swing on the ropes...

Maxwell, mommy and a giraffe, May 2009

Maxwell, mommy and a giraffe, June, how he has changed!

It was very crowded and not even that hot, only about 80 degrees, but the animals were camping out in the shade. We had lunch on a bench and even saw our neighbors Lara and Ella. :o) After a few hours in the sun, Maxwell was all tuckered out and fell asleep on the walk back to the car.

All in all, we had a great day!