Thursday, May 28, 2009


We suddenly have a picky eater on our hands! The little boy who ate anything we put in front of him is starting to look at his food and decide by what it looks like whether or not he will eat it. He pushes my hand away (the puppas like this when he catches me off guard and the food goes flying onto the floor), or turns his head and closes his mouth real tight. He will feed himself a lot of different foods, but for some reason won't eat the fruits and veggies that he loves pureed if they are cut up in pieces on his plate. Today we tried kiwi and strawberries and he wanted nothing to do with them. I thought it might be because they are wet, but he ate his mac and cheese and tofu just fine, and they are both wet. So who knows. He is especially pushing away green food right now. I really hope this doesn't last. Mealtimes are getting frustrating for Mommy!

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