Monday, March 23, 2009

The Birthday Boy

It's hard to believe that Maxwell is about to turn one year old. I feel like I was pregnant yesterday with him, and to think that it's been a year??? Not possible. The nine months of my pregnancy went so slow, especially those last few weeks. And now there is this little man in my life, and the first year has disappeared like a blur. One year ago today I was pacing around the house, waiting those last few hours before we went to the hospital. I remember the way the house FELT, how it smelled, what the atmosphere looked and sounded and felt like, and knew that it would forever be different the next time I came home.

I am so grateful that I have been able to be home with him. Dave and I relish teaching him new things and witnessing all the new and different skills he masters. The first time he rolled over I was sitting right here in the computer chair while he was happily bouncing around on a blanket next to me. From that day on, he was off! Now, walking is right around the corner and I am definitely going to have my hands full!

So, Wednesday is the big day, when my little guy will officially be one and start the journey towards two candles on the birthday cake. The celebration will be on Saturday afternoon, and I will be sure to post pictures after the big event.