Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am thankful for my friends...

and my blog! Last night I realized just how cool my little blog is. My dear friend Becki came over (thank you Becki!) for dinner. She helped me out with the kids, even got Maxwell to clean up his toys before bed, and gave me some much needed grown-up interaction in the evening, since David is still away in NYC. There were two or three stories that I started to tell her when she said, "Oh, you already told me that!" In reality, she had just read my blog!!! Yay! That's exactly why I am trying to be better about writing these days. I don't get to see and talk to everyone I love to share all these fun little tidbits of the kiddies on a regular basis, so I am so glad that you are all able to grow along side us and share in these fun memories.

And I need to keep the memories alive. Anyone who knows me knows how bad my memory really is. I look at Darian and try to remember what Maxwell was like at this age, and I find myself picturing photographs that I have taken in my mind, rather than picturing actual memories. It really does make me sad that I am going to forget these precious moments in time.

Maxwell and Darian both do such fun little things. Like how Maxwell runs around in a circle and asks me to sing Ring-Around-the-Rosie for him. Or how he "tickles" random objects and sings the ABCs while drumming on the bench by the fireplace. Saying he wants to hold Darian, and scooting up behind her to hug her, and then getting bored after 2 seconds and (lightly) pushing her aside and climbing over her. How he barely tries to do something, and then looks at us and says, "It's not working," shaking his head, with his hands up in the air. Luckily, I got that one on the video of him whistling for Tucker!

I want to remember Darian and her army crawl that can shoot her across the living room in about 4.5 seconds. (And how she has little rug burns on the sides of her tummy now from doing it so often!) How lately she has been growling at us, and we say there is a dragon in the room. I love how she just looks up at me and smiles so big, and in those moments, I KNOW she loves me. Even more so, how she looks at Maxwell and you can see the adoration in her eyes. Like when he sits near her, and she just stares at him with a smile, and then grabs his face to gnaw on his chin, nose, cheeks.

Becki made me so proud last night by saying that she brags about my kids to other people. :o) It's nice to know that other people recognize how awesome they are, and it's not just me because I'm the mom!

I am so lucky to have such great friends...girlfriends to talk to, mommy friends to share mommyhood stories, family friends who know me better than anyone. I am grateful that Maxwell has a fun little group of friends to play with, too. Seeing him give his little friends hugs and kisses goodbye is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Thank you all for reading, and more than anything, for being my friend.

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The Ramos Family said...

Aww, this is great, Jen! I'm thankful for meeting you and look forward to becoming good friends! =)