Friday, September 9, 2011

Week in Review

It has been a very busy week for the Oxford Ingham's!  So busy that it seems to have flown by, because at the beginning of the week we had a little boy in the house, and now he has suddenly disappeared.  :o(

Maxwell started preschool on Monday!!!

Our little man is not so little anymore.  Most of the day on Sunday, I went back and forth between being excited, sad and nervous.  What a big step for our son and family!  David was just excited; he knew that Maxwell would thrive in the new setting, and was stoked to see how the week played out.  I, on the other hand, was mostly sad.  I have spent everyday of this kid's life with him, for the last three and a half years!  Not only was I going to miss him during the hours that he was away, but I was sad that I wouldn't always know what he is doing.  Try getting a real answer from a three year old when you ask, "What did you do at school today?"  Good luck.

On Monday morning David and I were able to take him to school for the first time together, while Gaga and Papa stayed behind with Darian.  Maxwell was the first one there.  He hid behind my leg for a minute when all three teachers were looking at him and talking to him, but he quickly opened up and ran upstairs to play.  He jumped right in!!
Wednesday was a pretty crazy day.  After dropping Maxwell off at school I took Brenda and Dewey to the bus station so that they could hop on their ride to Heathrow.  Then Darian and I drove to Abingdon so that I knew where to go later in the afternoon for Maxwell's new tumble tots class.  Last term Darian didn't take Tumble Tots, because her class was a Mommy & Me class and Maxwell would have had to just sit there and watch.  So this week she had her first official class!!  She was amazing and so courageous and SUCH a good listener. She participated in the songs and climbed all over everything.  She is growing up way too fast!  (My phone was in the car charging, so I didn't get any photos this time).

After class Darian came home for nap and lunch, and then we went to get Maxwell.  She misses him so much when he is at school!  All through lunch, she just kept pointing at his empty chair and saying, "Maxwell?"  Of course, the way she says it sounds like "Fow-Fell" for some reason, but that just makes it that much cuter.

He had a good day at school, but his teacher said that he was pretty tired.  We went ahead to Tumble Tots, and I am glad that we did.  Maxwell had a ball, and Darian and I got in a good brisk walk while he was in class.  But with all this back and forth, I felt like all I did was drive people around all day!  I can't imagine what it will be like when they are teenagers!!!

I asked Maxwell what he wanted to do today, since he doesn't go to school on Fridays.  I asked him if he wanted to go to the playground, or if he wanted to go somewhere else fun, and he said, "I want to stay home."  :o)  What a cutie!  I bet being gone away from home for five hours everyday has taken its toll on him, too.  We stayed in this morning, playing One Fish, Two Fish and drawing, and then packed up a lunch to head into town.  We got some new library books and sat to eat lunch in a sandwich shop.  

I was stopped by a record number SIX ladies today to ask where I got my stroller.  I really think I should contact Joovy and tell them how much of a demand there would be for Sit and Stand strollers here.  Maybe they would give me a commission?  Why don't they have them in the UK?  I don't get it.  People do so much walking over here.  Odd.  You see plenty of buggies for babies, but most people with an older child are either  dragging the poor thing along on a leash, or yelling at them to "come here!" all day long.  Neither of those work for me.  I'm glad to have the seat for Maxwell!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!  Anyone want to schedule a Skype date???

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