Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving On...

It is such a cliché, but I really cannot believe how fast time is going by!!!  The kids and I left California six months ago (next weekend) to begin our journey to the United Kingdom.  And next weekend, we will be making our first trip home, almost exactly six months later.

David and I spent the weekend working as a team to A) entertain the kids (because that always comes first!) B) pack up the house and C) take our things to storage.  AGAIN.  Although this time the storage unit is right down the street.  David was able to take 5 or 6 loads in our itty bitty Prius today in less than two hours.  Wouldn't that have been nice back in April...
Anyway, packing up our things and getting ready to move out of the Abbey Road house has been making me think a lot about what my first impression of this house were.  Talking to my grandma and grandpa on the phone yesterday, I told them that the little things about this house that bothered me when we first got here (no dryer/fighting rain to dry clothes on the line,  no plug in the bathroom for hair dryer, the closed off feeling of the rooms) I rarely even pay attention to anymore.  We've got our routine down, and I have learned how to do my job:  UK Style.  I was even able to do eight loads of laundry when we got back from Spain, all drying either throughout the house or on the line!

I am so grateful that we found this house.  We are so close to the city centre, to the community centre, the train station...we have made great friends with our neighbors and learned so much from them.  I have made some mommy friends and Maxwell and Darian are both involved in activities and classes (and of course Maxwell has started pre-school).  David is doing well at work and he has been running again all summer, even running a half marathon the day after we returned from Spain!

We have made a lot of great memories to start off our adventure abroad, right here on Abbey Road, and I will be sad to say goodbye to this house.  But when the kids and I leave for California on Thursday morning, goodbye it will be.  When we return, we set up shop in our new place (where we will be for a year..whew!).

We'll have lots of tales of how the tails wiggle about in California (WE GET TO SEE THE OTHER TWO TAILS!!!  WE MISS YOU GRIFFIN AND TUCKER!!) and when we return in a few weeks, we'll be able to share all the fun of setting up a new routine in our new house and neighborhood.

For all our friends and family in CA:  we'll see you soon!

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