Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Funday...(no football involved, sorry)

Today we had a very Christmasy day in the Ingham house!  We walked to town to check out the lights and the Christmas market at Oxford Castle, with hopes of maybe seeing Santa (Father Christmas!), too.  The kids stopped along the canal on the way to feed the ducks and then we made our way to the city centre.  Since it was daytime the lights weren't on, but we could see the pretty arrangements drawing from one side of the street to the next.  The shopping centre that we frequent has a really big Christmas tree set up in it, so Maxwell was quick to point that out!

At the castle, we made our way through the market, looking at all the cool handmade crafts, ornaments and fun trinkets, and enjoying the delicious smells coming from the stalls selling cider and mulled wine and treats.  While the kids rode the carousel, I splurged on a Belgian waffle with maple syrup.  YUM!
Carousel fun!
 The market had a scavenger hunt for the kids to find all these cutouts.  At each stand there was a stamp hanging down.  When you collected all five stamps, you got a prize!  The kids picked out something cool.  Stay tuned to the Christmas Craft Brigade to see what they picked will feature in a craft very soon!
Skating cuties

After walking around the market some more, stopping to listen to some carolers, we found the Post Office to send Santa our letters.  Maxwell asked Santa for Toys and Darian wanted toys and books.  :o)
Little Lady

Little man
We made it to Santa's grotto, but by this point we had been walking around in the 45* weather for almost three hours.  The kids (and mommy!) were cold and a bit cranky, so we headed home for naptime.  We made a quick pit stop to have a hot chocolate warm up before heading to bed.  

But after nap, it was time for another Christmas Craft!!

Day Four:
Mommy folded up the papers and Maxwell and Darian drew with pencils where they wanted us to cut.  Maxwell's little man scissors just wouldn't cut through all those folds, so Mommy and Daddy had to be in charge of the cuts.
So serious.
Daddy has been enjoying craft time, too!
This was one of Darian's!
 We came up with some pretty cool designs, and now...'s snowing in Oxford!

Hope you all had as fun a weekend as we did!

xoxo  Jen

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