Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Fun

The summer of 2012 will certainly go down as a busy, adventure packed time in our lives.  All the tails in this house were busy, busy!  Although, it seems like that is the nature of this entire living abroad adventure!

We all logged lots of miles in the car, in the air, across the sea, along train tracks...I believe there was even a horse or two involved in our travel over the past several months!  But the best part was, we got to have in person hugs and kisses from some of our favorite people.  We had visits from Gaga Brenda, Papa Dewey, Uncle Steve, Aunt Nicole, and Nana Paulette!

And as you can imagine, there are TONS of tales as all those tails made their way across Europe, and more photos and videos than I can even contemplate at the moment.  So...

The littlest tail is back to preschool this week and is already thriving in her new but familiar environment.  She understood that her big brother was going to big school, but she was still sad to be walking through the nursery door alone.  Big brother will be scooting his little tail off to Reception next week!!  Kids start Reception, or Foundation Stage, the September after they turn four here.  It is the equivalent of Kindergarten.    His teacher came by the house yesterday for a visit to prepare him (and us!) with what to expect on Monday, and he is super excited!!

All that being said, when those little tails are both off to school next week, Mommy is going to bust HER tail to get those pictures downloaded and write some Travel Blogs from Summer 2012!  So keeping watching back to read about our adventures!!

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I can't wait to hear about your adventures!