Saturday, October 4, 2008

Even babies need alone time.

Apparently, Maxwell is at that stage where he does something new everyday and goes through new phases every week.

While the squealing and screaming phase is still around, it is a little less, thankfully. But the last two days, he has started something new: alone time. I guess sometimes even babies need to be alone and chill. He eats, he naps, we play...but sometimes he gets crabby and just wants me to go away.

Like now. He was in his exersaucer and I thought we were having fun, but what do I know? He got crabby, so I checked his diaper, checked to see if he was hungry, and tried putting him on the floor to roll around. Nothing worked. I put him back in his exersaucer so that I could use the little girls room, and he was fine the whole time I was gone. When I came back and sat in front of him, he whined. When I got up and walked away, he was fine again. So, it seems that my son is sick of me. Or at least that every once in a while he needs to just chill. So right now he is in there, playing with his toys and watching Tucker sleep in front of him on the couch. And I get to write this.

Now, don't get this phase confused with the absolute polar opposite phase where he starts crying the moment he can't see me or if I leave the room. That one is fun, too. It's a fun little game I get to play trying to figure out which mood he is actually in!

I love my little boy so much. I love that he loves me and wants to play with me, but I also love that sometimes he just wants to be alone. Because guess what? Mommy does, too.


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