Friday, July 16, 2010

I get sea-sick in my rocking chair...

Before I clarify that statement....I'm back!
My friend Carrie started a new blog today, and reading of her family adventures inspired me to update the Ingham Family Tails! I told her she did this to me, and really, she should feel bad! Because while both kids sleep I have been waiting for something interesting to happen to me that I could write about, rather than sleeping myself! :o)

Now back to the rocking chair...
I don't get carsick. Or seasick. When I was pregnant I was in a constant state of nauseousness, but normally I have quite a steady stomach. Today I realized my weakness: the rocking chair! I can sit in a moving vehicle and watch the scenery speed by, I can read, sleep, sing, name it! Yet this afternoon I discovered that I CAN NOT close my eyes while rocking the baby in the chair. I felt incredibly dizzy and like I was about to be sick!! Where did this come from?

Who knows? My body is pretty much completely foreign to me after having two kids. I still feel like the size 8, flat-stomached 20 year old that was mixin' drinks behind the bar at Ed's...and then I look in the mirror. YIKES! Who is that person? I went to my first official Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday (since Darian came), so hopefully that girl that I see on the inside will start to catch back up with the woman on the outside!

Speaking of Darian, she is now EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!! I can't believe how fast the last 8 months have flown by. She is still teeny-tiny, topping out the scales at just over 15 pounds. She's completely healthy and eating like a horse now, though! I have to make another big load of food to stock up the freezer this weekend. Darian has perfected her army crawl, and we wonder if she is ever going to get up on her hands and knees. She is super fast and can "chase" after Maxwell no problem, so she might just go from this to running after him for real!

Maxwell is 2 (and 1/4) and is just the cutest little kid around. He just got his long locks chopped off, and David is pretty sad about that. He is talking up a storm, but his babble wins the conversation battle. More and more each day, though, real words are working their way into his speeches. He loves to tell people about how "Nana, and Mommy, and Darian, and Maxwell went up in the airplane up in the sky!" He also enjoys reminding us all about how he "saw the fireworks up in the sky! and the big purple one was soooo pretty!"

Well, so much for being productive during naptime. I hear little voices calling me from the next room.

Until next time (hopefully less than six months from now...)

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