Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Do List...'d think that when you check something off, the list would get smaller. Not if you're a mom.

I've got two sleeping kids (and one snoring dog), a load of laundry going, and a relatively clean house (thanks to one hubby who felt guilty that he had to be out of town last week), and a yummy smelling dinner going in the crock pot (also thanks to my rockin' hubby, since he got it in there and simmerin' before I even got out of bed this morning!)

Anyway, will all the quiet surrounding me, (okay, I admit it...the GLEE soundtrack is filling the void) I thought I'd take some time to write another note. I really am trying to be better about this, because I know I have family and friends who are curious about what's going on with us, and also because writing really does make me feel good.

Now back to that ever-expanding To-Do List. I have three or four things that are always on there (and these are things outside of the ordinary cooking, cleaning, laundry type chores): upload, sort and organize photos; update Maxwell's baby book; update Darian's baby book; work on photo albums and scrapbooks; transfer recipes. The first few are self-explanatory. My recipe project is not, and let me tell you, it's a pain in the ass. I have recipes ALL OVER THE PLACE. My goal is to transfer them all to this book that my MIL gave David a while back, so that they are all in one place. I should be done in 2035.

And as for the photo and baby book projects, those will be on my to do list for the rest of my life! Every time I update one of them, one of my kids does something new and extraordinary! Daily!!! Let me tell you about a few of the most recent:

Maxwell is talking up a storm. You have to pay attention, because a lot of what he says is still in his own Maxwellese. But pay close attention to the context, gestures, and the random words in English that make their way in there, and you've got a story! We're working on recall right now. When we are driving home from a date, I ask him lots of questions about it and try to get him to tell me what we did, who was there, if he had fun, etc. It's working well, and he not only tells Daddy about it when he comes home, but he also picks up the phone to tell Papa Rick, Gaga and Papa Dewey, Nana and Shelly. Once he picked up the phone to "talk" to Erynn. It went like this:
"Oh, hi Erynn. blah blah blah blippity blah the park. blip da blip Clementine (his friend) bud mick de fie play drums. Okay, Goodbye."
Did you get that? He went to the park with Clementine and played with drums, silly!

Maxwell and Clementine, playing with drums at the park:

David and I are also on a mission to catch some of the cute things that he does on video, but this kid loves the camera, and every time I pull it out he stops what he was doing to say cheese. There have been many things we have been trying to catch. When Darian was born, he called her Baby Girl, and he would repeat it over and over: "Baby Girl, Baby Girl, Baby Girl!" Then he started to call her by name, but couldn't quite get it, so it came out like, "Din." He still goes back to Din from time to time, but lately he has been doing much better, getting all three syllables. He also has been saying/singing the ABCs for months, and he just won't do it on camera. of the coolest things he has done lately is to "call" Tucker. David and I whistle for Tucker, and Maxwell has started copying us. Except he can't whistle. It comes out sounding like, "Foo Foo!" I think I finally caught it on video, so I'll have to figure out how to add them to this blog, since I've tried several times and it won't load. :o(

And as if anyone who has met Maxwell wasn't already aware of how smart he is, here's a new little tidbit. We have a bunch of puzzles, and one has shapes. While I was sitting in the chair nursing Darian the other day, Maxwell came up to me, handed me a puzzle piece and said, "Octagon, Mommy." And it was. YIKES! We hadn't played with that puzzle in ages! This kid amazes me on a daily basis!

On to Miss Darian...
She is getting so big! Everyone still comments on how petite she is, but she really is starting to put on some weight. She used to be long and lean, but she hasn't grown any longer this month while she put on about a pound and a half. You can definitely see it in her face and in her little roly poly arms and legs. She is getting so strong, too! Just yesterday she pulled herself up into a standing position by the fireplace for the first time.

She is incredibly mobile, and prefers to army crawl her way throughout the house. I wish she would get up on her knees..even though she is always fully clothed while crawling, she is starting to get little rug burns on her tummy from doing it so often!

In other big news, her first tooth finally broke through! I am telling you, this girl was in pain for weeks and weeks. Hopefully the rest won't be as bad. I can't really capture it in a photo yet, so the toothy grin pictures will have to wait.

These kids are my life, and I am so glad to be able to share fun anecdotes with friends and family. I asked my mom the other day, "When I was this age, did you ever just sit and stare at me in wonder because of how awesome I was?" I know, I know. That sounds so conceited and arrogant. (Shelly called me on that one) But I really was wondering! Because I look at these two little beings that way every second of every day, and I just can't imagine someone looking at me that way. I'm just...ME. It blows my mind.

And on that note, the dryer just buzzed, Tucker is "asking" for dinner, and I hear little voices waking up from their naps.

Until next time...

<3 Jen

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