Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daddy's Home (The real Moving Day has come!)

It really was amazing how much stuff was still lying around on tables and countertops even after the movers took everything we were shipping away. I had been to Goodwill about 40 times, and the storage unit was quickly filling up. Where does all this stuff come from?????

On Friday morning, Nana Paulette came over to play with the kids while I ran some last minute Burbank errands. It was Earth Day, so picking up my free Origins face wash was top priority!! :o) I also had to take the cable box to Charter, stop by to say goodbye to Susie and Jenna, and make a couple other stops that now I can't even remember.

The biggest one? DRIVING TO LAX TO GET DAVID!!!!

It had been a long month apart, and I was looking forward to having a couple days with my hubby! As I pulled up to the terminal to get him, I started crying. I couldn't believe he was finally home!! But even better, was seeing how excited both he and the kids were to see each other. It was really a wonderful moment, and I hope they are never apart for that amount of time ever again!!!

After plenty of playtime with Daddy, a nice pizza dinner and the wonderful familiarity of our regular bath, books, and bed routine with Daddy, David and I had a chance to sit down and relax. He was incredibly jet-lagged and wanted to sleep, but there was still work to be done. I needed help going through through the pile of mail that had accumulated, backing up the computer files before we put the big guy into storage, packing up all the other electronics, and packing the suitcases (after doing his laundry!!).

David passed out around 11pm, but I was still packing and getting things ready. Around 1am he woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, so the two of us plugged away until about 4am. When we finally did get to sleep, it wasn't but a short 3 hour nap before the kids were up and we had to get moving for moving day!

Thank you to Nana for coming over to play with the kids while we loaded. Thank you to Monica and Josh, who helped load a TON of stuff for us. Thank you to Steve and Nicole for bringing tools and helping us take apart the cribs and load the rest of the truck. Thank you to Jamie and the kids for coming over to say goodbye and pick up the highchair. It was a crazy, hectic, emotional morning, but the house was suddenly empty and it was time to say goodbye. I wish I had taken a photo of the empty place. ;o(

Mom stayed around to help me perfect the cleaning job. It would have been really hard to lock the door and walk away from 3200 Riverside one final time without someone there to support me, so thank you Mom, for that and so much more.

After a tearful curbside goodbye, I hugged Mom one last time, "Until we meet again" and headed off to Corona. I was met by Shelly, Jill, Brady, Addison, Steve, Nicole, my beautiful babies and a very sleepy husband. We ate, chatted and said more goodbyes. What's with all the curbside goodbyes?? Shelly and Jill loaded up the babies and we shared hugs and tears, and Steve took me to CarMax to sell the Rav4.

Check in hand, we headed back to Corona where I packed us up one last time, and we got some much needed rest before the big day!

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