Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here we GO, GO, GO, GO on an adventure!

The thing-a-ma-jigger is up and a-waaay!

Okay, so if you don't have a toddler or watch "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" on PBS, that heading isn't as much fun to you as it is to our little family. We just LOVE to sing that song!

And we have been singing it a lot lately, as the weeks, days, hours, MINUTES tick by before we head off to the UK.

Due to my unexpected spa vacation (hospital stay) in DeKalb, we missed our trip to Pennsylvania and ended up leaving for London five days later than planned. After saying our goodbyes in Illinois, we were on our way! The adventure seemed very far away after everything that happened in DeKalb, but this was really happening. We are going to be living in another country for three years! YIKES!

Even though David was with me this time, I was nervous about flying with the kids. This flight was going to be a LOT longer than the one from CA to IL, and I was still a bit tender from my surgery. But we made it through baggage check and security with minimal problems (they had to open my carry on and take everything out....long story short, there was too much in it and it was so haphazardly packed that the x-ray couldn't really tell what was in there!...oops!)

When we got to the gate, Maxwell wanted to check out the plane. He had Ducky with him when I took him to the window and told him that this was the plane that was going to take us to England. He then repeated it all back and explained to Ducky what was happening. SO CUTE!!!!

Darian kept the gentlemen sitting near us at the gate smiling as she danced and cooed for them. Batted those long eyelashes of hers! Man, we're in trouble!!! :o)

We were lucky to have four seats in a row all to ourselves, so with the kids sandwiched between us we started off great. Maxwell and David watched movies almost the whole flight. We had toddler meals delivered for the kids, which kept them happy and occupied for a while. The only trouble was when she got sleepy and Darian wanted to be held. She kicked me accidentally right at my surgery site. Whoa! That was rough!

But we survived the flight, David and the kids got some sleep, and before we knew it, WE WERE IN LONDON!!!!

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