Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say (and Do!)

Here's a little update on how funny and wonderful our kids are, in case you had forgotten.

Maxwell is so articulate and has the best memory of anyone I know. How is that possible at three? He remembers things that happened a year ago. I can't believe it. Right now he is obsessed with a couple things: Cars and coloring. A week ago he was obsessed with Thomas, but then we took him to see Cars2 on Saturday and I bought him the cups with Mater and McQueen on top. So long, Thomas. It was fun while it lasted. He has been playing with those cars nonstop for the past three days.

His speech still surprises me with how much of a conversation you can have with him. And with how much he remembers! He has several new patterns.
Number one, he constantly wants to "make a deal."

Maxwell: Mommy, let me make you a deal. You go in there and get Darian, and then I will come down.
ME: Okay.
Maxwell: That's a good deal.

Number two, he shocks me with his memory.

Maxwell to Daddy: Daddy, you remember when we went to Grandpa's house and ducky went up in the tree and you climbed up to get him? That was a good deal.

*Note to readers: This happened when we were in Pennsylvania for Christmas last year!!!

And just tonight, while I was getting her in her chair for dinner, Maxwell went up to Darian and said, "Darian! Daddy is coming home with a surprise!!! Do you know what it is??? LUIGI SHEETS!!"

*Note: Dave told him last night that he was going to print new coloring sheets.

Continuing on....while eating dinner it starts to rain.

Maxwell: It's raining!
Me: Yeah, Daddy is probably getting wet.
Maxwell: Are the Luigi sheets getting wet?????

And as soon as Dave walked in the house, Maxwell asked him if his Luigi sheets were dry. Whew! They were safe and Maxwell finished up his dinner and colored one right away!

This kid is crazy smart!!

Darian is in a mimicking phase, where she will repeat things that you ask her to say. Her big brother thinks this is hilarious. Good thing he is only three and doesn't make her say anything bad! We have a Dr. Seuss book that is her current favorite and it is called Hooper Humperdink? Not him! Darian just loves this book right now and asks for it all the time. She says, "Da Dink" and if we say "Hooper Humperdink" she says, "Not him!" It is totally cute, and Dave and I have laughed at it so much, that Maxwell now tries to get her to say it all the time.

When I am doing random tasks around the house, sometimes I will catch her out of the corner of my eye pretending to do whatever I am doing. The other day I had just changed the toilet paper roll and tossed the empty one in the hall to take down to the recycling bin. I was at the sink putting my contacts in and deodorant on. I turned around, and she was doing this:

(it's hard to see but she is putting toilet paper roll deodorant on!)

I am trying to get over my guilt about not having the alone time with Darian that I had with Maxwell, but he is doing such a good job of teaching her things so it makes it easier! He is teaching her letters, numbers, and colors. It really helps for long car rides; they certainly keep each other busy!

These kids have become such good friends. They play together all day long, and I only have to break up minimal fights or cries. I don't need a monitor, because when Darian is napping, Maxwell hears the first sound she makes and immediately runs upstairs to go get her to play! Recently they have been having a lot of tea parties. Particularly yesterday because we all have colds and I had a cup of tea in the morning and told Maxwell it is good to drink tea when you are sick. They proceeded to "drink" about 200 cups of tea yesterday.

They are just so wonderful. I miss my family and friends back home, but being here with them and David and having extra time to just watch and be present is pretty amazing. They are growing up so fast!!
Darian 21 months

Maxwell, 3 years 4 months


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