Tuesday, October 4, 2011


For everyone who reads all of my blogs, I have to write a little disclaimer. If you have been reading, you already know that I am never at a loss for words. I write like I talk: TOO MUCH!!

I need everyone to understand that I do want to share our travels and experiences with you all, and I enjoy SO MUCH hearing about how you like to read about what we are up to, but that my blog is also for me. For my family. For us to remember all the little details of our trips and experiences and ups and downs. So I put in every little detail.

My plan is to make our blog of our three years in England into a book. Have you ever heard of Blurb? I am really excited to start using this software!! My friend Kate gave me a gift certificate for Blurb ages ago, so I am going to test it out soon by turning all of my blogs prior to our move into a book.

That being said, I just wrote the first part of my Barcelona blog. It's long and so far I only wrote about the first day. :o) Hopefully you will be inspired enough by my recollection of the trip to read it all!!!


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Jen said...

I used Blurb to make our wedding album.... needless to say Blurb made it absolutely amazing! You'll love what you get!!