Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Craftiness!

Last week I was skyping with the best of the besties, Renee', when she randomly held up a pop-sickle stick mummy that she and the girls made as their Halloween craft.  I thought it was really cute and I thought to myself, "Self?  Why don't you and the kids craft more??"

The truth is that I am a very crafty gal, but I don't like mess.  So with a 2 year old who likes to destroy everything in her path, and a 3 year old who doesn't like when he gets a smudge of dirt on his fingers, anything other than paper and crayons is a little bit much for our household.  But here we are in the UK, thousands of miles away from my surplus of Christmas decorations, so I decided I needed to take our normal afternoon coloring session to the next level.  Thus began our month long

Christmas Craft Brigade!!!

We are doing a Christmasy craft everyday after naptime.  We started on Thursday December first, and will go for as long as I have the supplies and patience to do so!

Day One:
Mommy's wreath.  :o)
Getting Started
She got a good start...
Yikes...someone needs a manicure!

That's not where they go, silly!
Proud of her "finished" wreath!

Proud and shy guy...he did a great job, I think!!!

Day Two:
Snowmen Coloring (Maxwell was pretty sick, so back to coloring we go!)

We have a door leading into the living room that needed some holiday sprucing up.
Maxwell loves writing his name!
Is she going to be our "righty?"

Maxwell helped Daddy color one when he got home from work!

Day Three:
Paper Chain

Ballerina girl?  Daddy was about to drop her, I think!!
We went to Tesco this morning to get an artificial tree.  Just something inexpensive and little for our time here in the UK.  I only brought the kid's ornaments along, so we only had about 6 pieces to hang. So I bought a box of silver bells for £1 to fill in the holes, but that still left the tinsel!  Today's craft was a lovely chain to drape across the tree!


So far we are having a lot of fun with these projects and I keep thinking of more and more to do.  I am either going to A) run out of days before Christmas gets here or B) get in trouble for spending too much money at HobbyCraft.  :o)

What will tomorrow bring?  Keep checking back to see!!  Happy Holidays!!!

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