Monday, December 26, 2011

Craft Collage!

The two weeks leading up to Christmas went by in a blur of activity.  Buying and wrapping presents, making cookies, getting ready in general.  But we still had time everyday to make a craft to decorate our home!!  Since there are so many, I will just share little tidbits and pictures of all of our fun activities!  Enjoy!!

Day Eleven
Monkey Ornaments!
I don't have a picture of these for some reason and they have already been packed away (it IS Boxing Day afterall!), but we went to a birthday party for Monkey Music on Sunday December 11th and made glittery ornaments!

Day Twelve
Snowflake Suncatchers
We don't get a lot of sun these days, but on the afternoons that we have, these fun ornaments are a nice decoration in our kitchen window.
This paint stained!
Darian was careful.  Whew!

Day Thirteen
Darian:  Christmas Crown (made at playgroup that morning)
Maxwell:  Classmate Christmas Cards (He wrote his name and each classmate's name on every card!!)
Queen of Christmas Festivities
Hard at work!

Day Fourteen
Jingle Bells!
We had a lot of fun with this easy, quick craft.
 If you haven't watched the video that corresponds, you can see it here.

Day Fifteen
Gift Tin Covers
I made all my cookies (seven different kinds!) and Maxwell and I decorated tins for him to give to his teachers at school.  We also made one so that Marie could take some cookies back to Barcelona with her!
Improvised Blossoms

My PB Ball tin!!  :

Day Sixteen

Today we had Maxwell's sing-a-long and party at school, and then Marie came to stay with us, so we didn't have time for a project. But look at how cute buddy was at his school!!!

Day Seventeen
Stockings with Marie 
While David and I went to London for our anniversary, Marie stayed with the kids and made glittery stocking decorations!

Day Eighteen
Christmas Lanterns
Fold.  Cut.
Make a circle and tape together.
Add handle.
 Place over a tealight. (Then turn off the lights)
(We bought some LED tealights)
Day Nineteen
Stocking Names
I was "saving" this easy job for a night when we didn't have time to sit down and do much!  But to the littles it still counted, and they had fun smearing glitter glue on paper plates after we were done.  ;o)

The stockings were hung on the chimney with care...
Day Twenty
Spiral Tree Ornaments
These were so easy to make and look really cool!

Day Twenty-One
Wrapping Presents
This was a quick one that we kinda just made up really fast when I realized I didn't have anything planned for the craft this day!  ;o)

Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three
These two days we were in Belgium, so we didn't make a craft project, but we made plenty of awesome memories.  Blog and photos from our trip to come...

Day Twenty Four
Christmas Trees
(I think Marie had fun with all our projects, too!)
Tree Cheese!

Day Twenty Five
And lots more memories!  
Turkey and stuffing
Broccoli salad, corn pudding, mashed potatoes
and gravy, rolls

David, the kids and I (and Marie!) had a lot of fun this month decorating the house and making lots of fun holiday craft projects.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the fruits of our labors here.  It was eye opening to me to realize how much more we can do other than coloring, which is all we used to do every afternoon.  But now, the kids get excited about doing their project everyday, and even if it is something that takes us five minutes, they have fun and are so excited to show off their creations!  Happy Crafting friends.  I am excited to see what kind of special artistic activities I can find for the new year.

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