Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!!

So.  Interesting English tidbit.  David and I have noticed that barely anyone decorates the outside of their homes for Christmas.  You can't see their trees in the front windows, no lights on anything outside.  Occasionally a wreath on a door, but that's about it.  It kinda stinks because last year the kids and I used to like to drive around and look at all the twinkle lights. The shops are done up and there are a few trees with lights around town, but nothing extravagant.  I figured it was because there are no electrical outlets outside of the houses here, but Dave had a conversation about it at a work function the other night.  His co-worker's response?

"We just aren't that showy here."

Hmm.  Well, our kitchen is at the front of the house and our tree in the living room, so that would make sense why you can't see people's trees in the front windows.  I need to drive down Abbey Road at night to see, because our living room was in the front there.

But, really?  If that is true why does Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer and every other store I have been in the last month or so have these silly things on sale???  And yes.  We have seen people with them in their trolleys to purchase.

Anyway, that showy comment prompted me to hang a string of lights in our bedroom windows last night, and now David and I are jokingly referring to ourselves as "Those Showy Americans in #8."

Notice the darkness.  These "decorations" are so funny because of how pathetic they are. :o)

But we are getting more and more festive everyday inside with all of our Christmas crafts!  Just look at what we added to the tree over the weekend!!

Day Ten
Popcorn Tinsel

Popped on the stovetop!
They helped by eating it all.

It wasn't me!

Our little tree!!  

The countdown is really here!  Only ten more days until Christmas!  And only two more days until Cousin Marie comes to stay!  We are so excited!!!  Today I started making all my cookies, too.  It smells delicious!  I am making Peanut Butter "Buttons", Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Balls, Russian Teacakes and maybe one more.  I know most of my readers won't be able to taste them, but what is your vote for the last cookie?

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The Clark Family said...

Who gets the stroller for Christmas? LOL, you could at least put a bow on it!!