Monday, December 12, 2011

More Christmas Crafting!

I really need to be better about posting these things as we do them.  Right now I have a back log of over a week worth of projects to share with you!

This whole crafting experience is pretty cool.  I should have gone out of my paper and crayons comfort zone long ago.  Maxwell and Darian both now look forward to doing a project every day!!  They go down nicely for their afternoon nap with the promise of something fun to make when we wake up, and they wake up ready to create!!!  Even on the days that I did something quick and easy, they were excited to participate and see what we could make.

After our fun Christmasy day in the city centre last Sunday, we got a special prize for completing the scavenger hunt at Oxford Castle.  The prize was...wooden ornaments to paint/color!!

Darian chose a tree and Maxwell a star.  So after a busy weekend and crazy Monday, we had a quick and easy project that spruced up our little tree even more!
Mommy *may* have done this side.  :o)

Coloring Ornamnets


 These were not my favorite markers.  They were probably good ones for Darian to use, but not Maxwell.  They had no tips.  LAME. (I guess they were good for the ornament dots I made on my side of the tree, though.)

Darian's very colorful tree!!

My star!

Day Six
More trees!
The experts have spoken.  Give your toddlers a Q-Tip with a puddle of glue on a paper plate, some embellishments from your local craft store, and ANYTHING to stick them to.  They will be happy and occupied for well over an hour.  (At least mine were!)  And it wasn't that hard to clean up.  Oh, that a glittery star in my hair???
Mommy prepped some felt trees

She ditched the q-tip.  Oops.
The guys all watched!

Our tree decorations are now lined up on the refrigerator to spruce up the kitchen!!

Day Seven
Easy Peasy Candy Cane Ornaments
My mom always had these tiny plastic candy cane ornaments to fill in the holes on the tree.  Making these today made me think of those.  :o)  Supplies?  Red and white pipe cleaners.  Twist.  Done!

We saved some so Daddy could create when he got home!

Day Eight
Stamping fun
I was tossing around the idea of letting the littles do some stamping to help me with my Christmas cards this year.  Based on what happened here...well.  They did not.

When Darian started eating the markers, we called it a day.  Maxwell's started off okay, other than the fact that he wanted to do them all in black.  I did not take a picture of the page that he made that was all scribbled out, as I was busy cleaning off the mess you see above.

Cheeky girl!!

After this fiasco, we took a day off.  We had a busy night on the 9th, picking Daddy up from work and then eating a late dinner.  Unfortunately we didn't get a project in that afternoon.  :o(  But we're on a roll now and there are more Christmas crafts coming you way!  Stay tuned for days 10-12 and beyond!!!

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